Broccoli & Corn Soup

Made with freshly grounded corn & hand picked organic Broccoli.

cream courgette soup

A delicious soup with a distinctive flavour of Zucchini.

french onion soup

Classic French soup with shredded & fried onions and Worcestershire sauce.


A famous Italian soup made with garden frésh Spinach.

mushroom potato chowder

A buttery mushroom flavor blended with potatoes, leeks and carrots makes this a different soup.

potato croquettes

Fried mashed potato mixed with cheese rolléd with breéd crumbs.

Cottage Cheese Fritters Dips

Paneer fingers dipped with in-house tempura batter fry.

chilli garlic potato nuggets

Crispy fried Potato garlic nuggets topped with mayo and jalapenos.

tofu with basil chilli flakes

Marinated Tofu grilled on low fire served with buttered veggies.

potato wedges with dip

Crispy fried Potato Wedges served with mayo dip.

greek salad

Pieces of tomatoes, diced cucumber, onion, cheese and olives.

waldorf salad

The all time fresh and colourful favourite salad.

pasta salad with veggies

Pasta with salad vegetables enrobed with rich creamy mayo dressing.

Broccoli With Roasted Garlic Salad

Slightly blanched broccoli with lots of roasted garlic flakcs.

Summer Salad in Crispy Multigratin Bowl

Salad vegetables with thousand island dressing, served in edible, crispy multigrain bowl.

veggie wraps

Whole wheat flat bread stuffed with sautéed veggies (2 nos)

paneer wraps

Whole wheat flat bread stuffed with sautéed Paneer and Veggies (2 nos)

veg with cheese sandwich

Grilled sandwich with slices of tomato, cucumber & cheese

salsa supreme

Baked beans, jalapeno, olives, potato wedges over a bed of spicy salsa sauce

pasta cheese sandwich

Grilled Sandwich stuffed with creamy Pasta with cheese

cheesy veggie burger

Burger with slices of veggie patty, lettuce, tomato, cucumber & cheese

Mushroom Mania / Blockbuster Potato

Grilled sandwich with curried mushrooms / potatoes.

aphrodisiac / MAHARAJA'S BITE

Grilled sandwich with bell peppers, jalapenos for salsa sauce/ curried paneer with tomato puree.

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